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abodeInvest has a wealth of information on the the purchase of properties internationally. We have information on the exclusive access to closed government auctions in a western european country, whihc could allow you to access to property at around 50 percent UNDER the CURRENT market value.

Though this is exclusively for cash purchasers only, you can always arrange a remortgage afterwards so that you retain liquidy after the purchase process has completed.

The downside is that properties cannot be viewed internally, you will need to have the full purchase price available to place in your EU solicitors holding account BEFORE you are able to browse the properties (it will be returned immediately after if you decide not to buy) and your money will be tied up for a period of time which can be anything from 10 days to 12 weeks. You will not own the property until the end of the process which will means you will NOT be able to allow a bank access to the property and they will accordingly NOT lend you any money on it until after the process has completed, hence this is only for people with liquid funds.

On a more positive note, you will be getting properties, direct from the government, that really are 50 percent UNDER the CURRENT bank valuation, (not valued back at the peak of the boom). This means that you will be able to remortgage usually to at least 60 percent of the property value meaning that you will have 10% cash, and a property with 40% equity, and you will not have spent any of your own money!

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