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why invest?

statistics don't lie

Over the last 30 years statistics show that on average, property values have doubled every 7 years.

There is an old saying 'put it into bricks and mortar' and with the increasing likelihood that over the next few generations most of us will not be able to rely on government pensions, it has never been more relevant. Property investment offers the best means of building substantial long term wealth in a safe, stable and predictable manner.

Property Investing is for everyone concerned about the financial well being for themselves and their family, so is applicable to everyone; however there is another saying 'you can take the horse to the watering cart but you can not force the horse to drink',

housing demand

There is a significant housing shortage in the UK with the Buy To Let market booming like never before with high levels of immigration, higher life expectancy, and the growing number of single person households all putting pressure on property demand, and more recently the struggle for first time buyers to place them selves on the property ladder, means only one thing, the requirement for good quality rental properties.

On the supply side there is very little land being released to construction of housing. Lengthy delays in planning applications and the growth of nimbyism is restricting the availability of new housing coming onto the market.

diverse opportunity

There is no right area or type of property that one should invest in, but the feasibility of each deal should be carefully considered before moving forward. As a general rule, a savvy investor will look toward areas that are under developed so good capital growth can be achieved on the short to medium term whilst making sure that the property can maintain rents that cover the mortgage.

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